Friday, 3 August 2012

4 Ground Damageable Long Walls

I purchased some 4 Ground terrain - Damageable walls. With these you get a choice of some walls, short walls or long walls. I decided to take advantage of buying the full set: 4 Ground Damageable Long Walls.

4 Ground Damageable Walls (Long) as supplied.

These are 28mm Scale models and come supplied unassembled and unpainted (as above). In this kit you get the following: (dimensions are approximates)

1 x Piece of Wall Section with Large Gate 6"
2 x Pieces of End Wall Section 1"
2 x Pieces of Wall Section 3"
4 x Pieces of Wall Section 6

These Damageable rendered walls are ideal cover for any last stand or obstacles to hinder movement. The render is missing in parts exposing removable stonework to enable you to show damage as it happens during the game.

How I painted them

I didn't need to prime any of the walls, I found that you can paint straight onto 4 Ground stuff.

The first thing I did was render the concrete on the walls (the creamyish colour). For this I used 'Basetex' Dried Earth, which is a mixture of paint and very fine sand. I felt that this gave it a good 'rough concrete' looking wall. Then I painted it a mixture of Coffee/Cream.

Whilst this was drying I painted the brickwork. For this I used an MP Chestnut for the main brickwork, some Red brick thrown in here and there. The gaps in the bricks was filled using MP Black Ink, which was also used in the gaps between the concrete and the bricks. I also used the Black Ink for various holes that appeared in the concrete.

The larger bricks for the gate work were painted with MP Porcelain Blue. To get the 'worn look' on all these areas I painted lightly over with a GW Devlin Mud.

Next came the bases. First I used a mixture of Earth Brown and Chocolate Brown, only a slight element of CB, to get the muddy look on the ground. I didn't paint this on I 'scribbled it' so that it was not so harsh. Meaning the brush was on its side...

Finally, I selected various areas of the ground to glue the grass to, and on one piece, some stones. I felt the art of this was not to do it the same on every piece, although grass nearer the wall.

Normally my partner builds, makes and does all my terrain for me (what a lucky chap I am:)), but I felt I could do these... and enjoyed the process and seeing the end results.

Some extra pictures of the finished walls.

With a German Infantryman to give you an idea of how these look.
 I hope you like these.

Thanks for viewing

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Foundry's Berdan Sharpshooters

To build on my 28mm ACW collection I purchased some of Foundry's Berdan's Sharpshooters  (code:CW101) to add to my Union forces.

Here is a group shot (in line) of the two groups.
... and in march column...

The paints i used for these were a mixture of 'Miniature Paints' and 'Vallejo'.
Colours i used were as follows (all Miniature Paints unless stated V):

Jackets -
Dark Green

Trousers -
Dark Green / Porcelain Blue
Hats (kepi) -
Dark Green / Black (V)
Leather (V)/Chestnut  Brown
Canteen -
Powder Blue
Canteen Strap -
White (V)
Other Straps/Belts -
Black (V)
Rifles -
Brown & Gunmetal Grey (both V)
Buckles etc -
Brass (V)
Skin -
Flesh & tanned flesh

all of these were then washed with a GW Devlin Mud.

... further images.

Hope you have enjoyed these. More ACW forces to come!

Friday, 20 July 2012

WILD WEST: Artizan Lawmen - The Earps

'WILD WEST' : Artizan Lawmen - The Earps

I recently purchased a set of Artizan's 28mm Lawmen - The Earps as i'm about to enter into the world of the 'Old West'. In a period I was so keen on as a youngster, this is something that has passsed me by so far in the world of wargaming. Therefore I started by purchasing these figures and after numerous deliberations on which set of rules, eventually I brought the highly recommended 'Rules With No Name'.

Let's start with a nice group photo then. Centrally, we have the main man himself, Wyatt, with brothers Virgil (left) and Morgan (right).

A close up of Wyatt.

and Virgil...

and Morgan...

another group picture.

I must point out that the basing on these is not the best as I had initially based them in a grass environment rather than a desert one and therefore need to perhaps make some changes :).

Also, I'm looking at ways to better improve the photography of my figures.

However, despite these few factors, as always, any comments are welcome.

More Wild West to follow shortly - Some 'Hired Guns' and some Banditos/Mexicans'.

Thanks for viewing

Monday, 19 March 2012

Zouaves - Louisiana Tigers

Here is my latest project. I fancied some Zouaves for my ACW so I purchased a small amount of Perry's to see if i liked the idea.

I have painted these as Louisiana Tigers to assist my Confederate Army. Think these look ok. :)

Thanks for viewing, usual comments, if any.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Artizan US Infantry

Here is my latest offering. Some Artizan US Infantry.
These will be used for Operation Squad rules.
Apologies for some of the focus, taken with my phone!
The Squad as a whole.
The Command Group
The nonchalant Corporal
The Sniper!
We need a Medic! ... "Here I am"
Infantryman with Browning rifle

and ... a selection of infantryman with Garand rifles

As the norm, I always welcome your comments.
Thank you for viewing my blog, please return!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

German Infantry with MG42s

Here are some more Artizan Germans. This time Infantry with MG42s

As always, any comments are welcome!

Monday, 9 January 2012

German NCO's

Here are some Artizan German NCO's I have recently painted.

Looking forward to completing some more Germans soon.
Mortar & LMG teams are on their way...

Any comments are welcome, especially on highlighting/shading as I don't feel that's my best area of skill :).