Thursday, 26 July 2012

Foundry's Berdan Sharpshooters

To build on my 28mm ACW collection I purchased some of Foundry's Berdan's Sharpshooters  (code:CW101) to add to my Union forces.

Here is a group shot (in line) of the two groups.
... and in march column...

The paints i used for these were a mixture of 'Miniature Paints' and 'Vallejo'.
Colours i used were as follows (all Miniature Paints unless stated V):

Jackets -
Dark Green

Trousers -
Dark Green / Porcelain Blue
Hats (kepi) -
Dark Green / Black (V)
Leather (V)/Chestnut  Brown
Canteen -
Powder Blue
Canteen Strap -
White (V)
Other Straps/Belts -
Black (V)
Rifles -
Brown & Gunmetal Grey (both V)
Buckles etc -
Brass (V)
Skin -
Flesh & tanned flesh

all of these were then washed with a GW Devlin Mud.

... further images.

Hope you have enjoyed these. More ACW forces to come!