Friday, 15 July 2011

Introducing Wargaming

I have been introducing my younger ones, son and daughter, to wargaming over recent times. The eldest son reckons if its not 'Call of Duty' it just doesnt count.... The younger ones seem to enjoy, the lad likes his tanks and planes but is giving the others a chance :).

We have been playing ACW Fire & Fury of late but on a very low scale of number of bases, say 1 brigade, so that they get the feel of things. This time round I played against my daughter, whilst visiting my mother. Her dining table came in quite handy!

Darcie's Union forces march towards the objective farmhouse!
... and push on...

It's time for my Rebels to get into line and face the oncoming feds!

The fight is now on... and combat after combat took place.
The die did not go for me - 1 after 2 after 1 - the norm these days. Darcie however hit those five a sixes to push the rebels back, who eventually skeddadled and 'quit the field'.

I had been beaten by my 8-year old daughter!
She immediately ran to her nan, who rewarded her with some chocolate... nothing for the loser!

A good time was had, I look forward to the next encounter.

Mad Micky

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Will said...

Nice miniatures, Mic. I have the same luck as you with the dice. I play Flames of War with my 8 and 12 y.o. boys. Great way to teach the kids history.

I just bought the F&F rules I see you're using, and will start collecting ACW minis soon. What minis are you using?