Monday, 20 May 2013

Perry's ACW Two Wheeled Ambulance

A while back my partner bought me the Perry's ACW Two Wheeled Ambulance, which looks like this before painting. 

The package consists of 1 assistant surgeon, 2 orderlies, 1 driver and 4 wounded.

This is towards my 28mm American Civil War project that I am building and will become part of my terrain features, more of which will follow in due course.
First of all I primed all the figures using Army Painter Navy Blue Colour Primer as I have made this part of my Union forces. I primed the ambulnace and the horse with a Brown.

After painting all the respective figures, ambulance and horse my partner, who actually builds terrain pieces for me, made me a base for these. This was made out of cork with all the appriopriate terrain coatings.

The finished article looks something like this. A selection of pictures.

I do hope you like these, any comments are welcome!