Monday, 9 January 2012

German NCO's

Here are some Artizan German NCO's I have recently painted.

Looking forward to completing some more Germans soon.
Mortar & LMG teams are on their way...

Any comments are welcome, especially on highlighting/shading as I don't feel that's my best area of skill :).



Darth Phil said...

When it comes to shading and highlighting I cheat. The way I painted my Germans was to do all of the base colours on the figure and then give it a wash of Devlan Mud. That was it. The only thing I added were the collar and shoulder markings and the eyes.

Yours look really good though. Are the insignia in the helmets painted or transfers?

Rodger said...

I'm no expert but I like Phil's idea. I do a bit of dark grey over my black, seems to help. These do look very good though.

Mad Micky said...

Cheers both for your comments, much appreciated.
I like to get the feedback, especially if there is a way i can enhance my figures.
Thanks again,