Friday, 20 July 2012

WILD WEST: Artizan Lawmen - The Earps

'WILD WEST' : Artizan Lawmen - The Earps

I recently purchased a set of Artizan's 28mm Lawmen - The Earps as i'm about to enter into the world of the 'Old West'. In a period I was so keen on as a youngster, this is something that has passsed me by so far in the world of wargaming. Therefore I started by purchasing these figures and after numerous deliberations on which set of rules, eventually I brought the highly recommended 'Rules With No Name'.

Let's start with a nice group photo then. Centrally, we have the main man himself, Wyatt, with brothers Virgil (left) and Morgan (right).

A close up of Wyatt.

and Virgil...

and Morgan...

another group picture.

I must point out that the basing on these is not the best as I had initially based them in a grass environment rather than a desert one and therefore need to perhaps make some changes :).

Also, I'm looking at ways to better improve the photography of my figures.

However, despite these few factors, as always, any comments are welcome.

More Wild West to follow shortly - Some 'Hired Guns' and some Banditos/Mexicans'.

Thanks for viewing

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